What there is to see

Narbonne, a town where it is nice to have a leisurely stroll around and take in the atmosphere.

Narbonne is a lovely place with lots to offer. A mediterranean climate with mild winters, dry summers and bright blue skies 300 days a year.

A pleasant city centre where it is nice to stroll along the canal and through old narrow streets.

Narbonne's Regional Natural Park offers a unique coastal landscape conserving different natural areas ranging from beaches to lagoons. The Clape hills, only 10km from the heart of the city is another must for nature lovers, with spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea and the lagoons.

Situated between the scrublands of Narbonne's Regional Natural Park and the sea, Narbonne is an ideal starting point for a rich historical, heritage tour.

Narbonne has not only the advantages of a seaside resort ( 5km stretch of sandy beach, pleasure boat harbours ) but also of an historically rich urban centre; roman, medival and gothic architecture, 8 museums, the Robine canal ( a UNESCO world heritage site ) and much more.

Narbonne founded by the Romans in 118 BC was one of the biggest Mediterranean ports, home to the Wisigoth kings and the Archbishops' capital.
A place where civilizations have converged for more than 2000 years leaving many splendid monuments such as the Archbishop's Palace and St Just's Cathedral.

With its label <Arts and History>, Narbonne is ranked the 6th most artistic city in France.

The Clarion Suites Narbonne, Ile du Gua, pays tribute to Paul Riquet ( creator of the Canal du Midi and the Robine canal ) by displaying in it's lounges and studios, drawings and plans of engineering feats accomplised on the local canals and rivers since the XVll century.

Finally visit the indoor market, "Halles Mirabeau' to complete your pleasant stay at the Welcome Ile du Gua Suites Narbonne.